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the Change Academy

the Change Academy

the Change Academy

To improve is to change

To improve is to change

we Review

we Adapt

we Plan

we Apply your business currently manages change.  CLICK

..improvements so you can manage change.  CLICK

..a change approach that is right for your business.  CLICK

...defined phases of prioritsed   improvements. CLICK

and it's our business to improve change in your business.

and it's our business to improve change in your business.









'What is the Change Review'


We want to understand your business and the Change Review is our opportunity to assess how you currently manage projects and programmes.  For example;


What structures do you have in place?

Is there clear visibility of all projects and programmes?

What frameworks are in place to define, prioritse and approve change activity?

What processes and frameworks do you use to manage change?

What governance frameworks are applied within your business?

How does software support your management of change?

Are the right skills and experience in place to manage projects?

Are project and programme teams supported through defined training and development programmes?




'What we deliver to you'


1. The Change Review 

(mapped to our base framework) and to include;


  • Overview

  • Observations

  • Rating

  • Recommendation


For each of the following criteria;




  • Roles & Responsibilities

  • Training and Development

  • Culture




  • Strategic Alignment

  • Benefits Management

  • Processes

  • Risk and Issue Management

  • Planning

  • Communications

  • Business Case

  • Dependency Management

  • Resource Management

  • Methodologies

  • Stakeholder Management




  • Governance Structures

  • Reporting

  • Prioritisation and Classification

  • Programme and Project Portfolio



2.  Improvement Plan to include;


  • Prioritised phases of improvement in alignment with the recommendations of the Change Review

  • An agreed list of improvment activities

  • Timescales

  • Ownership

  • Dependencies



3. Business Case (Defining the investment and benefits of the proposed improvement) to include;


  • Objectives

  • Approach

  • Business Benefits

  • Return on Investment

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'How we deliver the Change Review'


Our focus would be to undertake the Change Review in a clear and defined timeframe in accordance with an agreed schedule.  This will minimise both the impact to your business and the time we require to spend with your teams


1. Information Request (offsite)


  • We will request information in relation to your current approach to change. We will provide a checklist of information that we require and our team will review this offsite.  


2. Meetings (onsite)


  • We will request meetings (1-2-1 / workshops) with members of your teams to get a detailed understanding of how change is currently managed in your business.  


3. Clarification (onsite / offsite)


  • We will request any additional information / meetings that may be required as informed through stages 1 and 2 of the approach, outlined above.


We will require a point of contact in your organisation to assist in the coordination of information requests and the scheduling of meetings.