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the Change Academy

the Change Academy

the Change Academy

To improve is to change

To improve is to change

we Review

we Adapt

we Plan

we Apply your business currently manages change.  CLICK

..improvements so you can manage change.  CLICK

..a change approach that is right for your business.  CLICK

...defined phases of prioritsed   improvements. CLICK

and it's our business to improve change in your business.

and it's our business to improve change in your business.










'Developing a tailored solution'



To ADAPT doesn't mean that we compromise on our core principles of project and programme management but more to adapt an approach, processes and overall framework that is right for YOUR business.


We recognise that every organisation is different and therefore what is right for one business will not add the same level of value to the next.  That is why understanding your business is so crucial to our business.


We will adapt or tailor a solution specific to your business and your business only.  This is not an 'out of the box approach' packaged up and sold to any business.  Our approach will help to ensure that we only ever add value and build on your existing systems to define, manage and ultimately deliver projects and programmes.




'What we deliver to you'



Through the Change Academy's unique approach we will provide;


  • A true understanding of your business and the current state of change within your business

  • A bespoke solution tailored to your business based upon our experience and the foundation of best practice

  • Your business with the capabilities, structures and approach to effectively manage and deliver future change

  • Added value across all areas of change activity

  • Clearly defined and prioritised improvements

  • The opportunity for you to review and agree our approach prior to any commitment and at all key stages of the improvement cycle


'How do we adapt'


We use the Change Review to map your current approach to our Base Framework to create a series of recomendations that inform an Improvment Plan and Business Case.


The Base  Framework provides a comprehensive structure of the fundamental principles and components  that need to be in place to manage change effectively.


We will then develop, refine and agree with you a cohesive framework and approach for project and programme management in your business.  Importantly this will build on those elements you already have in place so as maximum value is added.


A tailored soultion built upon core principles will provide your business with the maximum benefits and improvements.



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'We will look in depth at how change is managed in your business.  Big or small, local or multinational our focus is on your business and at all aspects of change'.