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the Change Academy

the Change Academy

the Change Academy

To improve is to change

To improve is to change

we Review

we Adapt

we Plan

we Apply your business currently manages change.  CLICK

..improvements so you can manage change.  CLICK

..a change approach that is right for your business.  CLICK

...defined phases of prioritsed   improvements. CLICK

and it's our business to improve change in your business.

and it's our business to improve change in your business.











'What is the Improvement Plan?'



The Improvement Plan is the roadmap to improving change within your business and there will be no other single plan that is the same as the improvement plan that we develop for your business.


The Improvement Plan will be informed through the outputs of the Change Review and mapped against our Base Framework.


The activites will be prioritised in alignment with the focus areas determined from the Change Review to enable us to add the most value in the short term and to develop the change capabilites.


Importantly the Improvement Plan will be formed through the combination of our team and members of your business to maximise knowledge transfer and long term sustainable change.



'What we deliver to you'



The Improvement Plan will provide;


  • A defined list of tasks and activities

  • Prioritised phases in alignment with the focus improvement areas

  • Grouped Projects and Workstreams

  • Project / Workstream Dependencies

  • Timescales

  • Resouce requirements

  • High level milestones

  • Clearly defined areas of ownership and responsibility

  • Visibility of all agreed improvement activities

  • A tracking mechanism for the agreed improvements


'How we develop the Improvement Plan'



The Improvement Plan is developed as an integral part of the Change Review and as such is built alongside the review process.


We define the plan based on our Base Framework and our understanding of your business and therefore it is imperative that this doesn't stand in isolation but forms a key part of the engagement approach.


We detail all the changes required within the plan together with resources, timescales and any dependencies that we have identified.


We will present the plan as a part of the Change Review and review each element in detail before agreeing next steps. We would then look to structure these changes as an improvement programme that has within it a number of defined projects that together will provide a robust change function within your business.


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