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the Change Academy

the Change Academy

the Change Academy

To improve is to change

To improve is to change

we Review

we Adapt

we Plan

we Apply your business currently manages change.  CLICK

..improvements so you can manage change.  CLICK

..a change approach that is right for your business.  CLICK

...defined phases of prioritsed   improvements. CLICK

and it's our business to improve change in your business.

and it's our business to improve change in your business.










'What we add to your business'



We only APPLY what we agree is right for your business.  Only when we have undertaken the Change Review, ADAPT the framework to fit your business and agree the Improvement Plan will we move fowards with you.


The most important aspect of our business is that we want your business to develop and learn and therefore we would encourage and indeed plan for your teams and internal resources to play a key role in the improvements.


We are focused on developing internal  teams, frameworks and approaches so that your business can manage change in the future with less reliance on external companies.      


'What we deliver to you'



The types of improvement activities will depend upon the outputs of the Change Review and will be specifically tailored to your business.  As an example this could include;



  • Targeted process improvement

  • 1-2-1 Development Sessions

  • Mentoring

  • Workshops

  • Development and training plans

  • Toolkits

  • Tailored best practice methodology application


Which will develop;


  • Improved programme and project visibility

  • Improved skills and knowledge

  • Improved ability to prioritise change activities

  • Improved programme and project delivery


'How we apply Improvements'



Whether it is a  1 month, 6 month or 1 year improvement plan our approach ensures that it is cost effective for your business.  We will only ever get involved where it adds value, ensuring there is a clear and robust framework being developed.


We will not be in your offices every day of the week, increasing costs and weakening the opportunity for your teams to develop, however we will lead and provide the assurances to give you confidence that any changes that are made will improve your business.


We will develop and sign off an agreed improvement programme that you can be assured is cost effective and fit for purpose.


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