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the Change Academy

the Change Academy

To improve is to change

To improve is to change

we Review

we Adapt

we Plan

we Apply your business currently manages change.  CLICK

..improvements so you can manage change.  CLICK

..a change approach that is right for your business.  CLICK

...defined phases of prioritsed   improvements. CLICK

and it's our business to improve change in your business.

and it's our business to improve change in your business.








Q. We have a well established project approach in place so why would we benefit from this approach?


A. Our approach is not focused on changing what already works but more on adding value to existing structures and approaches.  The Change Review will recognise any existing approaches and only recommend changes or improvements where we feel additional value would be added.  


Q. We have over 100 projects currently being managed, how will you have the time to review all these?


A. Our approach is centred on the corporate approach to change.  We will review a selection of projects to help us understand the overall approach but not every individual piece of activity.   This enables us to develop a view quickly and recommend changes that will add value across the entire portfolio of change.  


Q. We have a very high success rate of project delivery so what additional value can you add?


A. We are not just focused on project delivery but importantly the delivery of corporate objectives and benefits through the management of programmes.  A core part of our approach is ensuring that there is a framework in place to assess and prioritise the right projects.


Q. We have a Prince 2 based approach with qualified Project Managers so how can this approach help us?


A. Prince 2 is a very robust methodology, however in our experience it is the consistent and tailored application of the approach that is often at risk.   Organisations can become bogged down and overly process driven at the expense of consistent project delivery.  We use the basis of best practice methodologies and tailor this to fit the requirements of each organisation.  


Q. What value can this add to our business?


A. Put us to the test and let us demonstrate how we can add value to your existing approaches.  There is no commitment to go ahead with any recommendations that we put forward and therefore the risk to you is minimised.


Q. How long does the Change Review take?


A. This will depend on the size and structure of organisation and will be informed through our initial meeting.  Typically between 2-3 weeks are required to undertake the Change Review.  


Q. What type of services do you offer as part of any proposed improvements?


A. This will be dependent upon the initial review and tailored for your organisation.  Potential services could include;


-Toolkit (templates, guidance etc)

-Development and Training (1-2-1 mentoring or group development)


-Outline governance structures

-Streamlined processes

-Reporting tools

-Project / Programme Register

-Prioritisation framework


Whatever combination of services that we propose would all be directed at creating a robust and consistent approach to change at all levels within your organisation.  


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